Modern Art, Modern Design

Recently I have found myself looking for new inspirations for both my art practice as well as my designs. It has been nearly 2 years since my last oil painting and while I have remained active with digital paintings and illustrations I am keen to explore new possibilities through the medium of paint again.

I usually find you have to go back in order to move forward, often taking inspiration from the ideas of artists of the past and applying a modern approach; however I have recently taken inspiration from a more current generation of artists and designers.

Many of my most recent paintings have consisted of very vivid landscapes often featuring a figure isolated within that scene. I wanted to look at creating a more minimal feel to my next painting, focusing more attention on the subject matter. I want to go back to exploring negative space and the effects it can have on the viewers reading of the subject matter. Here are some artworks, illustrations, and adverts that I have found quite inspiring recently.

Florian Nicolle

I am quite fond of this artist’s style. I always come back to view his gallery page on Behance, mainly because I think the work is so strong. The images are rendered in such a gestural way and yet they are really well defined, they have depth and control. There is a great balance between the pen strokes that define the subject and the ink splashes that add tone and form.




Yo Sushi Print Adverts

Corporate companies are using skill designer to come up with interesting concepts that use strong photo manipulations. These adverts for Yo Sushi are a great example of Photo Manipulation with a minimal, modern feel. They capture the very essence of the brand and what they represent, in a bold and thought provoking way.





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