Lamborghini Concept Sketch

Created for a JQuery parallax project that I have been working on. Here we have my Lamborghini Aventador Painting.
A quick post just to show everyone what I have been working recently. I have been working on some artwork for a JQuery project that I wanted to create. My idea was to create a parallax scrolling storyboard, that depicted the creative processes I go through when creating my artwork, scrolling through the journey from concept sketch to a fully realised painting.This was a great opportunity for me to improve my understanding of JQuery.

However I got caught up with the visuals and ended up creating this piece for one of the sections of the storyboard. I have a huge love for Lamborghini’s so I was already inspired to paint one of there latest cars, the Aventador. The car was sketched and painted solely in Photoshop. I kept the sketch layer completely separate from the painted layer so that I could so that I could really refine the painted layer. The background is a series of photos manipulated to look as one.

The next step now is to work on the user journey for the parallax web page, starting with some experimental coding and further storyboarding. Check back soon for more updates on this project. Any thoughts and feedback on my work so far are more than welcome

aventador sketch

Aventador detail shot

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