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Theme developing with Jigoshop, the ecommerce plugin for WordPress.
This week I have been playing around with the free WordPress ecommerce plugin Jigoshop. I have just been playing around with it on my localhost seeing what it can and cannot do out of the box. Setting it up seems very simple indeed which is great, not surprising being based on the WordPress platform, things are laid out in a familiar way and the interface is very intuitive.

It is only when I started to dig a little deeper that I realised that some of the features that I have come to expect from ecommerce platforms such as Magento are missing from Jigoshop as standard, to expand you need to either develop them yourself, or buy a host of plugins to bring your online shop inline with other open source platforms. I am going to go down the development route for the most part as I think it will be handy to improve my development knowledge further and really get to grips with the plugin.

Aventador Theme Screenshot

What are your thoughts on Jigoshop as a platform?  Are there any people using it for their businesses and does it work for them on a commercial level? Are you are using another WordPress ecommerce plugin that you feel is better? I have seen a few themes based around Jigoshop on Themeforest.  I am currently developing a responsive layout for a store mainly for testing purposes at the moment really but I will keep everyone posted on my progress with it in the coming weeks and any issues I run into.

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