I Am Finally On Dribbble

At long last one of my designs has finally made it onto Dribbble. Like many designers out there I have been admiring from a distance the great art and design work that features on invite only site. The quality of work is very high and it is a great place to test your skills against the very best designer. I recently submitted one of my recent work the Krispy Kreme icon to Dribbble and the design has had some positive feedback so far which has spurred me on towards creating some new icons

So to celebrate this I have decided to release a little preview of a new icon that I am currently working on. The icon is nearly completed, it is now at the stage of adding those final touches to make it really stand out. So if you are keen to see the finished piece check back here soon to the see the unveiling.

If anyone is interested in following my new found adventures on Dribbble head over to dribbble and follow my work.

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