Video Game App UI/UX

A simple practice piece looking at the concept for a video games app.

Video game ui image

Every now and then I try to create a little project for myself as a bit of a challenge, to get me thinking a little bit about how I approach a design and the user journey behind it. Recently I have been trying to get more involved in creating designs related to mass media. So I have been working on designs for fictional film apps as well as this video games app.

In this project I had a fictional brief, to create a couple of screen concepts for a video games app. The games app would show information about popular videos. The information it would display would be details such as:

  • Title
  • Developer(s)
  • Release date
  • Publisher
  • Age ratings
  • Genre

Video game ui image detail

Through the app the user would be able to see related games, ratings, and where they could buy the game from. I wanted to play around with colour in this design. I went for more cooler, pastel hues. Green indicated links and user interactions, with the tabs were created with a spectrum of blues and purple tones.